Miscellaneous Equipment for Transmitter Sites

BSE designs the requirements for a suppliers various pieces of equipment for transmitters sites form other vendors:

  • Supply of Combiners / Filters - Delta Meccanica
  • TV Antennas - Aldena
  • TV Transmitters - Larcan
  • Satellite uplink equipment - Various
  • Satellite down link equipment  - Various
  • Masts and Towers - Webb/Le Blanc
  • Outdoor Equipment containers  - Various
  • Solar Power Equipment - Solarrite
  • Generator Systems - Various

Antenna Design and System Capability

Antenna Design, Generation of Horizontal and vertical radiations patterns, Calculation of 3D antenna pattern Antenna Effective Radiated Power (ERP)

Signal Coverage Prediction using digital terrain map software (to provide coverage estimate.  Please complete the BSE Project Enquiry Form)

Signal Interference studies.


BSE Turn-Key Capability

Broadcast System Design

Transmission system and Requirements specifications
Antenna design, Coverage predictions
Program links, Rebroadcast
Tower design and construction
Civils, Containerized systems
Studio design and Installation

Installation and Commissioning

Project management
Installation planning and implementation
Commissioning of systems and coverage measurements


Operational, Management, Technical

Product Support

Maintenance at our factory
On-site maintenance contracts
Maintenance schedules and Databases

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