Tn6 Road Tunnel FM Radio Re-Broadcast system

Road Tunnel FM Radio Rebroadcast System

The Tn6 System provides a flexible and cost effective solution for re-broadcasting VHF FM radio channels into Road or Rail tunnels. The heart of the Tn6 system is the TL1-6T, six channel, VHF FM Translator module. with “On frequency” capability. The TL1-6T, six channel VHF FM Translator module, incorporates a six way RF input splitter, six separate VHF FM translator modules and a 6 way RF output combiner all conveniently packaged in a 1U rack mount case. The unit has a single RF input and a single RF output (BNC's). A (BNC) balanced audio input is provided for the Break-in audio facility (BIF) functio, distributed to all channels simultaneously via an external contact command.


  • Single or multiple tunnel outputs
  • Audio break-in facility (BIF) switched to all channels
  • Receive/Transmit “on frequency” capability
  • 100 kHz base-band re-broadcast including RDS & SCA
  • sub-carriers

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